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Hand & Foot Trykes

Hand & Foot Trykes

Inventory Update (May 2023)

In Stock Models: AM-10
Models expected in stock in fall 2023: AM-12-S,AM-12,AM-16
Parts expected in stock in fall 2023: Snappy Seat System, Vertical Hand Grips


Hand & Foot Amtrykes are designed to build strength and coordination for a wide range of children with disabilites. They are intended to stimulate reciprocal movement and increase range of motion. Choose from a variety of seating options and accessories that help riders feel safe and secure. Since this is a hand & foot tryke, make sure both the rider's arm and leg length fit within the range (see the Sizing Chart).

How to Choose a Tryke

"We use the hand and foot combination to improve coordination, strength, and range of motion on a variety of subjects with unlimited diagnosis. The combination of using all four extremities helps with any weakness in an area. Children with generalized weakness can self-propel despite the fact that they are so very weak." --Sue Haywood, PT (Longview, TX)

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