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Foot Trykes

Due to moving all Amtryke inventory out of state, the webstore will not be accepting credit card orders now through February. Chapters may still place term payment orders here or via customer service. No orders will be shipped now through February. We will post the exact date as we get closer.

Amtryke foot trykes were developed in response to requests from therapists for a traditional tricycle for riders with special needs. There are many foot tryke models to match a wide range of rider sizes and abilities. Choose from a variety of seating options and accessories that help riders feel safe and secure.

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"The ProSeries foot propelled Amtrykes are very popular for children and their families looking for a way to be active and have fun alongside peers, siblings and other family and friends. The range of adaptive accessories available make it possible for some of the least mobile children to become riders. This is our ultimate goal as therapists for our clients- participation." --Ashley Schilling, PT (Nashville, TN)

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