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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Amtryke, LLC

  1. How do I order amtrykes and/or accessories?

Ordering amtrykes can be done through phone and/or through our webstore (amtrykestore.org). For phone orders, please call 1-800-838-1845 Extension #116 OR mariaa@ambucs.org

  1. What frame size do you recommend for my height?

Please refer to our amtryke sizing chart for sizing details. Although height can be an important factor in purchasing an amtyke; measurements of both arm/leg lengths are important in choosing the best tryke.

  1. Can I get an amtryke with different parts?

Yes, amtrykes are quite customizable. Please review our latest version of the amtryke catalogue for adaptive accessories. The webstore offers a “stream-lined” versions of trykes with popular add-ons. (Examples: ProSeries 1416 with Rear Steering kit; AM-12 with Wooden Foot Platform)

  1. What are my color options for my amtryke?

Amtryke frames come in one color: “Amtryke Red”. Most adaptive accessories will come in black or chrome plated; with the exception of add-ons like wrist wraps, water bottles, license plates, etc.

  1. I’m missing parts for my amtryke, how do I get replacements?

If you’re missing parts, please contact Technical and Customer Support for replacements. 1-800-838-1845 Extension #114 OR jessicaw@ambucs.org

  1. How much do your bikes weigh?

Our trykes range from a minimum of 45 lbs to a maximum of 90 lbs. Tryke weights are also listed on our sizing chart.

  1. What are the advantages of a steel frame?

Amtrykes are designed with steel frames. This design provides riders with a comfortable yet durable riding experience.

  1. What gearing do your bikes come with?

Most amtrykes come with single-speed “fixed” gearing. With the exception of our 3, 7, or 14-speed trykes. (1024 Community Cruiser; HP-1000; JT Series). 3-speed and 7-speed conversion kits available for select models.

  1.  What do the last 4 numbers mean in regards to the ProSeries 1400 series?

The last two digits in the sku # represent the wheel size: 1.) ProSeries 1412 = 12” wheels; 2.) ProSeries 1416 = 16” wheels; 3.) ProSeries 1420 = 20” wheels

  1.  What is the recommended tire pressure on my amtryke?

35 PSI is the recommended air pressure for the following trykes: AM-10, AM-12S, AM-12, AM-16, AM-20, 1024, 1410, Snappy, 1412, 1416, 1420, 1420-XL, 2722. 65 PSI is the recommended air pressure for the JT-2000, JT-2300-USS, HP-1000, and Tadpole

  1.  My chain keeps slipping off, what’s the issue?

Your chain may not be aligned with the sprocket. Check the alignment of the chain from the rear of the tryke to see if this is the case. If problem persists, please contact Technical and Customer Support 1-800-838-1845 Extension 114

  1.  My amtryke barely moves when pushed or while riding. What could be the issue?

During installation, the rear wheels could have been tightened too much—you will know this when you turn the wheel by hand (while one side of tryke is suspended in the air) and it does not turn freely. Loosen the wheel nuts a quarter turn to see if this helps. Also check whether your brakes are engaged or not.

  1.  My cables on my hand tryke keep getting tangled up. What’s a fix for this?

Cables can be bound together using black electrical tape. Using a tight winding motion, wrap cables together with tape 5 inches from the support post. This will help keep cables out of the way when riding.

  1.  How can I prepare my amtryke for transport?

Amtrykes can be partially disassembled for transport. If a rear steering kit is installed—loosen the rear steering bar with brake lever’s collar using a 5mm Allen wrench. Swing steering bar towards the seat to decrease the length of the tryke. Another move could be to loosen quick releases at loop handlebars to decrease height of tryke. Seat backs can also be removed by loosening the black knob located on your seatpost.

  1.  My handlebars are loose, how can I fix this issue?

Double-check the tightness of your quick release levers and/or stem collar that holds your clamps over your selected handlebars.

  1. Do you have any amtryke dealers in my area?

Amtryke does not have dealers in the traditional sense, rather we utilize volunteer AMBUCS chapter member and therapists to help inform people about our products. We recommend contacting the closest chapter to you in order to establish an amtryke relationship outside of the Ambucs Resource Center (ARC). You may find a list of AMBUCS chapters using the chapter directory here on our website. 

  1. How is payment handled securely?

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway available 24/7 for processing transactions. It offers a number of value-adding services to assist merchants in managing their businesses and protection against fraud.

  1. How long will it take to get my bike?

Typically, it will take 5-7 business days for your tryke to arrive at your desired shipping location.

  1. Do you ship internationally?

Amtryke, LLC can ship internationally. We advise people to contact us directly, so we can give you an accurate quote on shipping cost. 1-800-838-1845 Extension 116

  1. Who assembles and boxes my bike for shipping?

Trykes come are designed to be partially assembled. User is responsible for the remaining assembly using instructions provided. We recommend a local bike shop to assemble trykes if needed. Any adaption made to the tryke beyond the standard setup, is custom packed by our warehouse manager. Accessories come with their own set of instructions for proper installation.

  1. What do I do if the bike arrives damaged?

If your amtryke arrives damaged, it was likely done during transport. If you suspect the shipping company made the error, please send pictures documenting the incident. Email pictures to jessicaw@ambucs.org. From there, amtryke will send you replacement parts if necessary.

FAQ - Other Questions
1. Is it secure to order from this site?
2. Do you keep my personal information?
3. Do you sell or trade any of my information?
4. When will my credit card be charged?
5. Has my order been shipped?
6. How do I track my order?
7. I forgot my account password. How do I retrieve it?
8. What is your return policy?
9. How do I find a product?
10. How do I navigate through the site?
11. How can I get information about your company?
12. How do I contact you?
1. Yes. Our shopping cart processes all the information by using the latest security technology: SSL 128-bit encryption.
2. Yes, your personal information is securely stored in our Ecommerce database with the same SSL 128-bit encryption. You have the option to make this information available for future orders when logging in, so that you do not have to type it again when you come back and shop from us.
3. Absolutely not: We do not sell, trade, or share any of your information with anyone under any circumstances. Click here to review our Privacy Policy.
4. Credit cards are charged at the time of the order, before the order is shipped out. You will receive notification by e-mail if the payment was approved.
5. You will need to contact amtryke@amtryke.org.
6. Shipping notification will be emailed as soon as your order has been shipped.
7. If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it by clicking on the Forgot Password link on the Order Status page or during the checkout process while placing a new order.
8. Our return policy is available on the Terms of Sale agreement.
9. There are various ways of finding a product. You can browse our online store through categories by clicking on the main menu button links to find what you are looking for, you can also click on 'Search' and type a search term related to what you are looking for and all corresponding results will be displayed.
10. There are links and buttons on the site to get you where you want to go. Products are available from the main menu and under the "Products" button link, you can also view informational web pages that we have set up so you can get some information on our company and our products.
11. Information about our company is available on the About Us page.
12. Our contact information is provided on our Contact Page.
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