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50-FC-1420XL-RS - OVERSOLD - Returns MAY - ProSeries 1420 XL with Rear Steering Kit

ProSeries 1420XL with Rear Steering Kit. NEW: Standard with Large Pommel Saddle Seat and safety flag.
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ProSeries 1420XL with Rear Steering Kit

Leg length: 30-45 in.
Arm length: 22-34 in.
Height: 44-76 in.
Max weight: 275 lbs.

The ProSeries 1420XL fixed drive tryke provides full support for riders. Particularly helpful for those with low tone and/or trunk control. They can be adapted to meet a wide range of needs. Available in Amtryke red. Assembly required.


  • Rolled steel frame features two hand-ratcheting levers which allow the sliding seat post to move closer or further from the front and the frame to dismantle for easy transport
  • Low center of gravity provides added stability
  • Fixed drive helps rider make a full pedal rotation
  • Dual hub can be switched from fixed drive (ships fixed drive) to freewheel. If switched to freewheel, must add Disk Brake Kit for safety.
  • Quick-release cam levers allow the telescoping handlebars to be positioned at any height or distance to the rider
  • Safety steering limiter pin for three graduated steering options: straight, 20 degrees left/right, free steering
  • Linear caliper hand brake
  • Four seat post positions and a sliding seat post accommodate many leg lengths
  • NEW: Large Pommel Saddle Seat with lap belt
  • 1400 Seat Back can be positioned up/down and comes with highly adjustable laterals and chest strap
  • Expanding pedals with two straps can adjust from 9¾ to 12 3/8 inches with foot pronate & positioning
  • Pedal leveler pulley helps keep feet in optimal riding position
  • Loading brake for easy rider transfer
  • Steel wire basket
  • 20 inch wheels with pneumatic tires
  • Safety helmet and flag.

Package comes with Rear Steering Kit. Now can be converted to a push bar by insterting a pin.

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