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30-32-0341 - AM Leg Rests

Intended for temporary conversion of hand & foot to hand tryke. Removable and can be used as needed. For use with AM-12 or AM-16 amtrykes.

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AM Leg Rests

AM Leg Rests can be uninstalled as needed to convert a tryke back and forth between a hand & foot to hand tryke, if original hardware is kept. The bracket fits over the main frame of the tryke and can be moved up or down the frame to accommodate shorter/longer legs. Where the horizontal bar holds the vertical bars can also be adjusted for leg length. This is especially useful for riders with legs that are different lengths. The AM Leg Rests can often accommodate riders with legs shorter than the sizing chart measurements. Calf braces can be adjusted up/down with quick-release cam levers or removed entirely. Note: the tryke's hinged front end must be set so the wheel is forward enough to accommodate the bracket.

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